Nowhere else you will find as many falsehoods about the impact of products as in the cosmetics industry. That is why we intentionally refrain from series of enthusiastic customer testimonials and high gloss pictures “before” and “after”, since you cannot verify their credibility. 

On this site we restrict the amount of information solely to a general description of Defense and detailed characteristics of its ingredients and composition. We invite you to evaluate our product by testing it; for that purpose, we offer you a sample of Defense, which you can order without any further obligation by filling out the request form via the link mini-sample.


  • Look Years Younger - Instantly!
  • Peptides for Long-Term Results
  • Erase Wrinkles!
  • Lift & Firm Sagging Skin!
  • Doctor Recommended!
  • Results Last a FULL 10-12 Hours!
  • Works in 60 Seconds Guaranteed!
  • Over 1,000,000 Satisfied Users!

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Ceres  1.05 fl oz
65.00 * (100 ml = 216.67 €)
Sample 0.1 fl oz
8.95 * (100 ml = 298.33 €)
Ceres  2.10 fl oz
110.00 * (100 ml = 183.33 €)
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